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Three Simple tools that help You scale

This toolkit contains three tools that every business should use to gauge and rise their growth. In its entirety, the Team Manager is made up of three tools that makes talent hunt, productivity tracking and employee happiness certain and seamless. Enterprises of any sector can hire exceptional employees without spending superfluous money and time, improve employee happiness as they are fundamental to the progress of a business, and judiciously track productivity to scale business growth.

Our Team Manager consists of three products;

  1. Spark!
  2. Spot! and
  3. Spur!
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Spark! is an employee satisfaction and recognition API that improves employee happiness and satisfaction. It does this by empowering companies to create customizable feedback forms and surveys to measure the employee’s level of satisfaction.

Companies can create rewards and awards and assign them to their employees and employees can congratulate each other on awards received, as well as give unsolicited feedback via forms. Satisfaction forms and surveys can be visualized, and over time, employees can see the increase or decrease of their satisfaction levels.

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Spot! is the product that calculates and analyzes different data points to recommend the perfect and most suitable candidate for every job vacancy in your company.

Skilled talents are easier to find, filter, select, interview and test. Spot! allows you to effectively and swiftly hire the most suitable talent for any space in your business. You can handle every aspect of the hiring process and conclude it in a twinkle of an eye, saving time and saving money on needless job agencies.

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Spur! empowers businesses to build and increase employee strength, and drive development with its transparent performance tracking system.

Performance reviews? Even if you insist to still have a performance reviews, Spur! is the tool that lets you pre-conceive a data-driven notion about the work of your employees before conducting a performance review meeting. Use Spur! To track and measure the productivity of your employees. It monitors employee performance.


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